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Goddess Nika was waiting for her boyfriend in the car. She knew he would be gone a while and since she did not want to get bored in the car, she took her phone and she recorded some naughty things she did. The mistress enjoyed how she played with herself and she even managed to turn herself horny. She even made sexual poses mimicking her favorite styles before her boyfriend came back.

Mistress Alicia wanted to give her husband a birthday present like no other. So she went to their bedroom while he was away at work and she made him a sexy girl video. She undressed on camera and she showed off her hot body to him and she played with herself a little bit for him to enjoy. She knew when he saw it, he would not wait to get home and have her.

This naked mistress wanted to show off her hot body. So she went online and she chatted with some guys and she got them to check out how she did her thing. She liked to tease and flirt with random guys for fun because she did not want the attachment that came with doing it with the same guy over and over again. She made the guys hot and bothered but then left them high and dry.

Lady Stefanie was not going to let anyone get in the way of her making money from this deal. When she noticed that this guy was going to be a potential stumbling block to the deal, she chose to deal with him. She seduced him and she teased him. He was like putty in her hands as she used her gorgeous body to get him to do what she wanted.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a gorgeous girl. She has a great body and she is a flirty and naughty girl. She likes to tease for fun and that is what she did today to this guy. She knew he had a thing for her and she used that to torture him. She did not want anything from him but she just wanted to do it for her own enjoyment. After that, she left him high and dry.

Mistress Lisa Jordan and her boyfriend had not seen each other for weeks. He had gone out of state for work and they had missed each other and missed making love to each other. Today Lisa felt horny and she did not want to suffer alone. So she video chatted with her boyfriend out of nowhere, she revealed to him that she did not have her pants on. She was just wearing her thong. She touched her pussy and made suggestive movements and naughty comments. He was so turned on he had to jerk off as she watched.

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