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This mistress is sexy and she knows that hers is the kind of sexy that is irresistible. She was a secretary and since she knew her boss inside out, she used that knowledge to her advantage and she got him to give her a promotion and a raise. She had a lot of fun messing with him because she was naughty and he had never seen anyone as naughty as she was.

This mistress was not in talking terms with her boyfriend. She wanted him to be jealous of her so she wore sexy boy shorts and she went to the mall knowing he was around and she let guys hit on her. He was jealous because she was a sexy girl and he did not want other guys giving her the attention that they were showering her. He had to patch things up with her.

Lady Suzanne was bored in the house and she chose to have fun at the expense of this loser. She did it using her sexy ass. She teased the guy and had fun at his expense. She teased and denied him because she wanted to have fun at his expense. She spread her legs and she turned him then she left him high and dry and went away. The guy was embarrassed and humiliated.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a great ass. She is also blessed with big and natural tits. She loves to use these two to have fun and today was no different. She wanted to test her new moves on this guy so she invited him to her house and she teased him. But she did not go all the way with him. When she realized they were working, she chased him away.

Mistress Anfisa wanted a favor from this guy. She knew she could get it if she used her sexy ass to flirt with him. She was wearing a thong so she pulled it up and let it show above her jeans. She then talked in a sexy manner to him and teased him. The guy became putty in her hands and she managed to get what she wanted from him.

This mistress knew that her husband loved her ass to bits. She wanted an expensive gift so she used her ass to get it. She knew he had the money so she teased him and this time she drove him nuts as she teased and denied him. She made sure he wanted her so badly that he would do anything to have her. She then made him buy her the gift before she let him have her.

Mistress Lisa Jordan knows how to get what she wants. She loves to make guys do what she tells them to do and she does it by using her seductive body. She knows how much the guys want to spend time with her and get a shot at fucking her. And she uses that fact to make them do things which are humiliating to themselves for her enjoyment and pleasure.

Mistress Angelina has an amazing ass and she loves to show it off. She does not believe in having a gorgeous ass and then keeping it a secret. She loves to wear tight leggings and then using them to show off her ass, often in a thong. She loves to see how guys react when they see her ass. And when she is in a room with them, she teases them even more.

Mistress Lisa Jordan wanted to send her boyfriend a hot video. She knew he missed her and she wanted to make his day. So she taped herself teasing and flirting. She has a body to die for with great boobs, a fantastic ass, and a nice figure to boot. She started slowly with her clothes on and she finished with nothing on. Her boyfriend was blown away with it and missed her even more.

Princess Kitty was feeling lazy so she decided to try and have a bit of fun on her own. She decided to tease and flirt and do it on video. She taped herself doing it and she was surprised at how good she was. She knew she would have a lot of fun teasing guys and making them horny but teasing and denying them as she is a cruel mistress.

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