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This sexy mistress wanted to overcome her shyness. Her friends suggested that she used her sexy body to do it. They wanted her to flirt with a guy she did not know and tease him with her hot tits. She agreed reluctantly and she was shy at first but when she saw how the guy was turned on and was like clay on her fingers, she got bold and she did naughtier things than she thought possible.

Mistress Jenny loves to have fun. She enjoys doing all kinds of crazy things. Today she felt like teasing a guy so she looked for the least likely candidate. She got a guy who was both handsome and rich. He had no shortage of girls so she teased him and laughed when he thought she was a walk over. She tied him and he loved the naughtiness. But she left him high and dry with a painful hard on and sent him away.

Mistress Natalia wanted something from this guy. And being a hot mistress, it was not hard for her to achieve what she wanted. She teased him and let him see her thong. She teased him naughtily and posed seductively. He was turned on without her even saying a word. And when she turned and used her sexy lips to continue the flirting, she had him wrapped him around her finger.

Mistress Janine has a great figure. She loves to work out and she has an amazing ass. Today as she was working out, she deciding to flirt with this new guy at the gym. She let her thong show as she bent over and rode the gym bike as sexily as she could. She knew he was behind her and could see. He was turned on and he had to leave the gym as he had a visible hard on that he could not hide.

This mistress is sexy. She has a beautiful face, big lovely boobs and a great ass. She also loves to tease and she does it anywhere she likes. She knew this guy was married but she wanted to tease him and see how committed he was to his wife. She wanted something from him so it was good for her to know how principled he was. She playfully and sensually touched her boots and told her what she likes to do to guys and what she likes done to her. The guy was so horny he wanted to fuck her but she made him wank instead.

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