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Mistress Lisa took a gamble in her pursuit to get a job. She had all the qualifications but so did the many other applicants. So she differentiated herself from them by talking about herself in a sexy manner. She had found out that her would be boss was a naughty guy and he loved raunchy fun. So as he asked her questions, she answered them correctly but she did it while she teased him and touched herself playfully. She walked out with a contract.

Goddess Nika had an issue with how her colleague liked to hoard information. He was not a team player and she did not like it. But he also loved her and always wanted to have sex with her. She took advantage of it to teach him a lesson by teasing and denying him. He had to be humiliated and told to stop being petty and to stop hoarding information if he was to have a shot at sex with her.

Lady Anja loves to turn heads with how she looks. She likes to do it with her clothing so that she can show off her hot body. She has curves in all the right places and she also has the naughtiness to go with it. Even her walk accentuates her look and her naughtiness and that makes her a whole package. Many guys dream of having her but few ever get to.

Lady Amy had tried to tell her boss that she could not date him or have anything with him but he did not want to listen to her. So she felt that the best thing to do to him was to tease and deny him so that he got it from her physically and practically that she did not want anything to do with him. And that is how she got him to stop being a bother.

Mistress Sophia has a hot body and she is proud of it. Today she showed it off because she wanted to tease and deny. And she did not hesitate to do it. She removed her bra and her thong and she showed off her hot ass as well as her round tits. She even bent over a little to flaunt her tight pussy knowing how wild she was driving the guys watching her.

This hot mistress did not need to be naked to turn on her target. She had set her eyes on this guy and she used her sexiness, her charm, and wit to turn on the guy. She wanted him for keeps and so she did not want to use her body to get to him because she knew that would not last. They even had great conversations and she came across as the total package.

Mistress Dana has an unbelievable ass. It is out of this world and she knows it. She does all she can to make sure it stays that way and she uses it to turn on guys and then leave them high and dry for her pleasure. She also uses it to get guys to do her favors. Today she wanted to tease and deny this guy who was full of himself and she did it beautifully before she asked him to jerk off when he wanted more.

Mistress Bonnie wanted to bone this office temp because he was good looking and she also knew she would not be seeing much of him after he was done working for them. She did not want to fuck colleagues because they would see each other at work all the time. That is why she remained behind today after office hours and she gave the temp some more work before she teased him and fucked him.

Mistress BlackDiamoond knows that she has a hot body and she is not afraid of showing it off. That is what she did today as she put on a show for this guy. It was her being naughty as she was sure she was going to have fun at the expense of this guy. She teased him and she denied him. He could not do anything about it but beg her to put him out of his misery.

Lady Anja had a meeting with a top executive at a big firm and she had not prepared for the meeting adequately. She had not yet gotten what she needed and it was being sought for by her assistants. So she had to find a way to distract him while they looked for the info. And that is why she used her tight dress to show off her hot ass and tits which in turn distracted the executive and he forgot what the meeting was about and he started seducing her.

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