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Mistress Harley was after making this guy go nuts with her teasing. She bounced her big ass and clapped her ass cheeks before she bounced her huge tits together and made the guy dream of fucking them hard. The mistress had a great time and she enjoyed teasing the guy and even humiliating him financially, which is one of the things she does well. It was also like a workout exercise to her.

Lady Stefanie is as gorgeous as they come. And she is naughty as well. The mistress wanted to have fun at the expense of this guy so she did it. The mistress got the guy turned on as she played with her sexy thighs and showed some cleavage. He had a hard cock but within no time, the mistress left him high and dry by teasing him and denying him.

Lisa Jordan has a very fine body. She has a big and curvy ass and she is endowed with big tits. She is naughty too and she loves to do crazy things. Today she wanted to tease this guy. She told him she could make him cum without touching him and without him touching himself and he disagreed. They had a bet and she was able to do naughty things and he came. He paid her happily.

Denise is a hot tattoed mistress. She wanted to humiliate two guys together because she had never done it before. She flirted with and teased two guys separately and she invited both of them to her house. They were surprised with finding each other there, but she did not give them time to continue wondering. She teased them naughtily and they were so turned on that none of them was willing to leave. She then made them jerk each other off.

Mistress Janine has a great figure. She loves to work out and she has an amazing ass. Today as she was working out, she deciding to flirt with this new guy at the gym. She let her thong show as she bent over and rode the gym bike as sexily as she could. She knew he was behind her and could see. He was turned on and he had to leave the gym as he had a visible hard on that he could not hide.

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