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This mistress knows that she has a gorgeous body and she had a crush on this guy. But she wanted him to seduce her so she asked him to take some photos of her. He agreed and went to her house where she was dressed in a bikini and her tits were out. He was turned on immediately and could not concentrate on taking the photos. And she knew she had succeeded in getting his attention.

Mistress Sophia is hot by any standard and she knows it. She had neighbors thirsting after her and this particular one wanted to fuck her. So he went to her house. She did not feel him so she teased him and turned him on. She ate a banana naughtily and she also flaunted her hot body and even made him watch as she took a shower before she chased him away without putting out the flames inside his pants.

Goddess Nika did not like what she had seen from her co-worker. He had set her up for failure and she had to humiliate him and dominate him to prevent that from happening again. She did this by teasing him and getting him in a vulnerable position and then denying him. She left him high and dry and warned him that next time, she would crush his nuts and stomp on his cock.

This mistress did not have anyone to humiliate so she sought to humiliate her slave. He was the only one around so she teased him by dressing naughtily. She took sexy poses and spoke dirty and told him to take photos of him. She could see his hard on and she knew it was having an effect. The turned him on some more before she left him high and dry.

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