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Lady Anja could tell that this guy needed an orgasm urgently. She was not opposed to him getting it and she in fact wanted to facilitate it. When he heard that, he loved it and thought she wanted to fuck him. But she did not. This sexy hot mistress with big tits and a great ass only teased him and then gave him jerk off instructions which he had to use to cum.

Lady Anja had a driver who was into her. She had nothing much to do today and so she decided to mess with him a little bit. She invited him to her house and she put on a little show for him. But to make sure he did not do anything funny, she tied one of his hands and she left the other one for him to jerk off as she knew he would need it.

Lady Anja wanted to make a naughty video for her man and she did not hesitate to do it. She knew that he loved watching her do her thing and since he was out of the country for business, she had to send him stuff to keep him busy and to think about her and miss her even more. So she recorded herself and she surprised him with the video.

Lady Anja is a provocateur and she loves to turn guys on and leave them high and dry. That is what she was after today as she gyrated on her balcony knowing that a lot of people could see her. In addition, the mistress also had a video of the same taken so that she could watch it later and even post it on the internet especially on her blog.

Lady Anja has a hot ass. It is to die for and she knows it so she loves to flaunt it and make sure that she gets maximum attention to it. That is usually when she feels naughty like today. She can get attention to it even without flaunting it but today she felt that she needed to tease this guy and then deny him, and that is what she did. The guy had to jerk off.

Lady Anja is full of surprises but she had been so busy that she had never done anything naughty for her husband in ages. And today she had some free time so she put on her bikini and she used it to tease her boyfriend. Everything was matching from her bra to her high heels. And she loved seeing him turned on, happy and very excited by what she did.

Lady Anja loves to turn heads with how she looks. She likes to do it with her clothing so that she can show off her hot body. She has curves in all the right places and she also has the naughtiness to go with it. Even her walk accentuates her look and her naughtiness and that makes her a whole package. Many guys dream of having her but few ever get to.

Lady Anja knew that her boyfriend was not paying attention to her. He was busy watching a movie so she sat on the couch and she made some naughty moves which made it look like she was ready for some naughty fun. He slowly shifted his attention from his movie to her and within a few minutes, he was transfixed on her and he was turned on and wanted her. She now had his attention.

Lady Anja had a meeting with a top executive at a big firm and she had not prepared for the meeting adequately. She had not yet gotten what she needed and it was being sought for by her assistants. So she had to find a way to distract him while they looked for the info. And that is why she used her tight dress to show off her hot ass and tits which in turn distracted the executive and he forgot what the meeting was about and he started seducing her.

Lady Anja was not pleased with how this guy had been bragging. He was full of himself and it was not easy being around him. So she had to take him down a notch. He had to see that he was not God's gift to mankind like he thought. So she teased him and he was turned on and he felt good about himself. But then she denied him and chased him from her house. She even told him he was not manly enough for her.

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