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Mistress Gaia wanted to dominate this guy and she did it in a way that he had never experienced. She dolled up and looked all glamorous and thereafter, she teased the guy and she made him want her. But she did not want sex with him as he later found out rather rudely. He ended up humiliated and denied. He had to resort to jerking off to satisfy himself.

Mistress Gaia love's to live on the edge. She loves to push things to the limit and she loves to test people. She found her friend's husband attractive and she wanted to have a little fun with him. She did not want to fuck him but she wanted to flirt with him and to turn him on. So she did it using her hot body and he was so horny that he agreed to jerk off to her instructions.

Mistress Gaia loves swimming but not for its own sake. She loves swimming because she gets to do naughty things such as to tease and deny guys with her nice body. That is her biggest motivation for swimming. And today she was at it. There were some hot guys she wanted to mess with and she showed off her hot body and made sure they could see her but she pretended she was not aware they were checking her out.

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