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Goddess Nika has a flexible body and she wanted to do some naughty things so she turned on her camera and she recorded herself gyrating and doing other naughty things. She did not do them for any particular reason other than she felt like it and she had the time and the ability to do them. She also wanted to push her body and see how far she could take it.

Goddess Nika is a hot mistress and she loves to dress in a slutty manner. Today she was wearing designer jeans and she used them to tease this guy. She opened the zipper and she inserted her finger and played with her pussy as well as with her clit. She made moaning sounds and drove the guy wild but she did not let him hit it as he had thought he would.

Goddess Nika did not like what she had seen from her co-worker. He had set her up for failure and she had to humiliate him and dominate him to prevent that from happening again. She did this by teasing him and getting him in a vulnerable position and then denying him. She left him high and dry and warned him that next time, she would crush his nuts and stomp on his cock.

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