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Lisa Jordan is blessed with an amazing body and she knows it. It has gotten to her head as she knows many guys can do anything to get a chance to kick it with her and to nail her. The mistress therefore enjoys teasing and denying them as well as doing other crazy things like making them jerk off to her instructions besides making them do her all sorts of favors.

This mistress was not in talking terms with her boyfriend. She wanted him to be jealous of her so she wore sexy boy shorts and she went to the mall knowing he was around and she let guys hit on her. He was jealous because she was a sexy girl and he did not want other guys giving her the attention that they were showering her. He had to patch things up with her.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a gorgeous girl. She has a great body and she is a flirty and naughty girl. She likes to tease for fun and that is what she did today to this guy. She knew he had a thing for her and she used that to torture him. She did not want anything from him but she just wanted to do it for her own enjoyment. After that, she left him high and dry.

This mistress loves wearing leggings. She does it because she likes how they help her to show off her nice figure. She is the kind of sexy mistress who is not afraid to show off her body. She has a nice ass and she also wanted that to be seen clearly through her leggings. She had a guy she wanted to flirt with and tease and he is the one she did it for.

Mistress Jane and her friend Layla were feeling naughty and wanted to make someone jerk off to their instructions. The sexy mistresses had this guy watch them as they twerked and did all kinds of naughty things while he watched. He was impressed and turned on at the same time. They told him what to do to himself and he did it and they laughed as he did everything they told him.

This sexy girl is on an adventure. She knows she is hot and she wants to use her hot body to hypnotize and to tease and deny. She decided to do it using body parts. Today she was using her lips. She teased this guy and she made him watch as she sucked a dildo. She turned him on and when the guy wanted her, she denied him liked she had planned to.

Mistress Jenny loves to have fun. She enjoys doing all kinds of crazy things. Today she felt like teasing a guy so she looked for the least likely candidate. She got a guy who was both handsome and rich. He had no shortage of girls so she teased him and laughed when he thought she was a walk over. She tied him and he loved the naughtiness. But she left him high and dry with a painful hard on and sent him away.

This guy had something mistress Lisa Jordan wanted. She teased him and made him want her. But she did not want to have sex with him. So she took his dick in her hands and she rubbed it hard and in a naughty manner. She had never seen a harder dick than that. The guy was so turned on and he came in record time as he had never experienced such naughtiness before.

Mistress Natalia wanted something from this guy. And being a hot mistress, it was not hard for her to achieve what she wanted. She teased him and let him see her thong. She teased him naughtily and posed seductively. He was turned on without her even saying a word. And when she turned and used her sexy lips to continue the flirting, she had him wrapped him around her finger.

Mistress Lisa Jordan was on her period but she wanted to drive her boyfriend wild. She used her hands and her mouth to do it. She first of all teased him with her sexy body and she drove him nuts. Then she oiled her hands and his dick and she rubbed it seductively as she talked dirty to him, teased him with his mouth and his sexy body and he did not know how he came so fast.

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