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Goddess Kim is a naughty mistress. She loves being naughty because it comes with a lot of fun. For starters, she has seen all kinds of dicks in this world. She has also had fun with all kinds of guys from rich ones to poor ones to interesting ones to boring ones. Today she wanted to test her new flirting skills so she undressed and tested them on this guy.

Mistress Ricky's greatest assets are her ass, her tits as well as her naughty demeanor. She loves using the entire combination to come up with ways to humiliate and punish guys. She likes to also have fun at their expense. Today she wanted to reward her slave for being good. She could not touch him so she teased him and showed off her ass and her sexy body and she let him masturbate.

This mistress did not have anyone to humiliate so she sought to humiliate her slave. He was the only one around so she teased him by dressing naughtily. She took sexy poses and spoke dirty and told him to take photos of him. She could see his hard on and she knew it was having an effect. The turned him on some more before she left him high and dry.

Mistress Janine has a great figure. She loves to work out and she has an amazing ass. Today as she was working out, she deciding to flirt with this new guy at the gym. She let her thong show as she bent over and rode the gym bike as sexily as she could. She knew he was behind her and could see. He was turned on and he had to leave the gym as he had a visible hard on that he could not hide.

Mistress Lisa Jordan loves to tease. She has a body to die for and the naughtiness to go with it. She can turn on a guy with just her mouth. She likes to lick her lips seductively and also tell him what she wants to do to him. It is all naughty stuff. And when she add sexy movement of her body, there is no guy who cannot get turned on.

Mistress Natalia has a sexy ass and a pair of great tits. She loves to show them off and have fun at the expense of other people. The way she has this fun is to tease guys and show off her thong among other things. She made this guy jerk off to what she was doing. She teased him and instead of leaving him high and dry, she let him jerk off.

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