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Lady Anja is a sexy girl. This guy had a crush on her and she could tell. She could also tell that he had not had sex in a while. So she felt pity for him and she chose to help him get a release. But she did it on video. She chatted with him and she teased him by showing off her hot body. He was super turned on and he jerked off and had a great cum.

Goddess Nika has a flexible body and she wanted to do some naughty things so she turned on her camera and she recorded herself gyrating and doing other naughty things. She did not do them for any particular reason other than she felt like it and she had the time and the ability to do them. She also wanted to push her body and see how far she could take it.

Mistress Lisa combined her hot body, her naughtiness as well as her love and prowess for hypnosis to control her boss and make him do the things she wanted. The mistress got him to give her a promotion and he did not know that she had engineered it. She also made him think they had had sex when in fact, nothing had happened between them. It was all for her benefit.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a naughty and kinky girl who loves to do naughty things. She does not like a boring relationship and she does all she can to make sure she is doing well. The mistress felt like making her boyfriend a hot video today so she undressed and remained with her intimate wear only and she made some sexy and suggestive poses for him and told him how she wanted him.

These guys all wanted mistress Jenny's attention. She told them that she could entertain them all and some guys felt bad and they left because they wanted individualized attention. Those who remained agreed to watch her do her thing and she did it to them. She teased them like they had never been teased before and they got so horny that she gave them jerk off instructions to help them cum.

Mistress Lera had a new boyfriend and she did not like how poor he was in bed. The mistress wanted him to learn how to make her have fun and more importantly, how to make her cum. The mistress dominated him and she got him to do the things she wanted and he was also turned on in the process as he had never been dominated before. They had a wild time together.

This mistress knows she has a killer body and she augments it with her naughtiness. Today the mistress wanted to torture a guy with her body so she flirted with him and when he was turned on, she naughtily rubbed and ran her fingers along her body and showed off her naked body before she denied the guy. He even gave her money which she took but she did not let him smash.

Mistress Lisa Joran likes to use all sorts of means to get ahead in life. And she does this, especially with her business. Being a hot mistress, she knows a lot of guys want to nail her. And she lets them if they can help her and her business. They have to do it first before she can screw them. This guy was made to give her company a contract before she gave him the entertainment of a lifetime.

This busty blonde likes to make money the easy way. And it is easy for her because she is blessed with a sexy body. She has tits that are out of this world. They are big and firm. She also has a sexy ass that is spankable and she loves to flaunt it. When used together with her naughty skills, she is irresistible. And she did that to this guy and made him pay for it.

Mistress Amber is a cruel girl. She likes to make guys miserable and today she did it without talking to or touching this loser. Using her experience, she could tell that this guy was into her and that he was horny. She could also tell that he had not been with a woman for a long time. So she teased him with her sexy ass and showed off her thong. He was so horny that he felt like he would die but she left him high and dry.

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