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Mistress Dana wanted to find out how far she could drive her boyfriend wild with desire. So she did it by teasing him with her hot bass and her nice tits. She did things she had never done for him and she made sure he was tied before she did them. He was turned on until his boner hurt. And he cried and begged her to untie him and let him smash. She eventually did.

This mistress knew that her neighbor loved to check her out so she teased him on purpose today. The mistress stood where she was sure he would be watching and then she played with her tits. She made it as naughty as she could and then when she felt it was enough, she suddenly stopped and went indoors as the guy felt like screaming at her to go on with what she was doing.

This mistress wanted to spice things up with her boyfriend. She knew that he had missed her as they had not seen each other in days because they were all busy and she wanted to spice up his day with naughty photos and videos. So she went to her bedroom and she sent him hot videos of her naughty self and how she played with herself. He was so hot and bothered by it all that he escaped work to go home and screw her.

Lady Anja was not pleased with how this guy had been bragging. He was full of himself and it was not easy being around him. So she had to take him down a notch. He had to see that he was not God's gift to mankind like he thought. So she teased him and he was turned on and he felt good about himself. But then she denied him and chased him from her house. She even told him he was not manly enough for her.

Goddess Nika wanted some secrets from an employee of the company she was interested in getting info from. The mistress used her hot body and her naughtiness to get what she wanted. And she managed to laugh all the way to the bank. The mistress let him check out her pussy and led him to believe he would get to fuck her but it did not happen as she left him high and dry after she got the info.

This sexy girl wanted to make some guys be hot and bothered. So she wore a short dress and she showed off her hot ass. The mistress had a great time seeing guys struggle to catch her attention. Seeing that happen made her feel good about herself and she wanted to take it a step further so she thought about how she could do even more than she had done.

Mistress Gaia loves swimming but not for its own sake. She loves swimming because she gets to do naughty things such as to tease and deny guys with her nice body. That is her biggest motivation for swimming. And today she was at it. There were some hot guys she wanted to mess with and she showed off her hot body and made sure they could see her but she pretended she was not aware they were checking her out.

Lady Stefanie is a hot girl and she knew how to use her hot looks to make her boyfriend hot and bothered. She wanted to try tease and deny on her boyfriend so she turned him on by flirting with him. He expected it to be like usual and that he would fuck her brains out. But she denied him and said she was just messing around and was not in the mood for sex. He was shocked and struggled with his hard on as she laughed at him.

This mistress wanted to act like she did not know what she was doing when in fact she had planned it to the last detail. The called a guy on video and she pretended that it was by accident and as he received and saw her, she was pretending to dress up so that she showed off her hot body and then went on to do crazy things like play with balloons before she pretended to notice that he was on video chat with her.

Goddess Nika is a hot mistress and she loves to dress in a slutty manner. Today she was wearing designer jeans and she used them to tease this guy. She opened the zipper and she inserted her finger and played with her pussy as well as with her clit. She made moaning sounds and drove the guy wild but she did not let him hit it as he had thought he would.

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