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This mistress is as sexy as they come. She has a great figure and she has a lovely ass to boot. She is blessed with a nice set of tits and she is also flirty by nature. She knows how to tease and how to turn on guys. She enjoys doing it and making guys do what she wants. Today she just wanted this loser to humiliate herself for her own enjoyment so she teased him and she left him high and dry.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is the queen of tease and deny. She is naughty, she is hot, she has big tits, she has a great ass, she is curvy and she has it all going for her. She loves to use all this to make guys do things for her and when they are done, she pretends that she does not feel like it anymore or she pretends to be hurt by something and ends up leaving them high and dry.

Mistress Natalie is a gorgeous girl who likes to tease for fun. Instead of humiliating guys, she teases them instead. She does not like to inflict pain on anyone. She prefers to tease guys and pretend she wants them and then when they come on to her, she makes it all look like a big misunderstanding. She then pretends to be embarrassed and then lets them go or she leaves.

This mistress loves wearing leggings. She does it because she likes how they help her to show off her nice figure. She is the kind of sexy mistress who is not afraid to show off her body. She has a nice ass and she also wanted that to be seen clearly through her leggings. She had a guy she wanted to flirt with and tease and he is the one she did it for.

Mistress Angelina has an amazing ass and she loves to show it off. She does not believe in having a gorgeous ass and then keeping it a secret. She loves to wear tight leggings and then using them to show off her ass, often in a thong. She loves to see how guys react when they see her ass. And when she is in a room with them, she teases them even more.

Mistress Lisa Jordan wanted to send her boyfriend a hot video. She knew he missed her and she wanted to make his day. So she taped herself teasing and flirting. She has a body to die for with great boobs, a fantastic ass, and a nice figure to boot. She started slowly with her clothes on and she finished with nothing on. Her boyfriend was blown away with it and missed her even more.

Princess Kitty was feeling lazy so she decided to try and have a bit of fun on her own. She decided to tease and flirt and do it on video. She taped herself doing it and she was surprised at how good she was. She knew she would have a lot of fun teasing guys and making them horny but teasing and denying them as she is a cruel mistress.

Mistress Aileen knows how to turn on a guy. She is looking smashing in her lingerie and she is by any standards, a sexy girl. She has big tits and a sexy ass to boot. And she knows how to pose to make her ass and tits stand out. She wanted to tease and deny this guy but he did not know it. She posed for him and she flirted with him and he thought she was into him until she denied him.

Lisa Jordan has a very fine body. She has a big and curvy ass and she is endowed with big tits. She is naughty too and she loves to do crazy things. Today she wanted to tease this guy. She told him she could make him cum without touching him and without him touching himself and he disagreed. They had a bet and she was able to do naughty things and he came. He paid her happily.

This sexy mistress wanted to overcome her shyness. Her friends suggested that she used her sexy body to do it. They wanted her to flirt with a guy she did not know and tease him with her hot tits. She agreed reluctantly and she was shy at first but when she saw how the guy was turned on and was like clay on her fingers, she got bold and she did naughtier things than she thought possible.

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