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This mistress knows she has a killer body and she augments it with her naughtiness. Today the mistress wanted to torture a guy with her body so she flirted with him and when he was turned on, she naughtily rubbed and ran her fingers along her body and showed off her naked body before she denied the guy. He even gave her money which she took but she did not let him smash.

Mistress Lena is a hot girl and she loves to do naughty things. Today she wanted to make a hot and naughty video for her boyfriend. So she went to the shower armed with her video camera and she positioned it well before she got down to business. She made it as naughty as she could and then she kept it as a birthday present for her boyfriend who was having a birthday in a few days time.

This busty blonde likes to make money the easy way. And it is easy for her because she is blessed with a sexy body. She has tits that are out of this world. They are big and firm. She also has a sexy ass that is spankable and she loves to flaunt it. When used together with her naughty skills, she is irresistible. And she did that to this guy and made him pay for it.

Goddess Nika did not like what she had seen from her co-worker. He had set her up for failure and she had to humiliate him and dominate him to prevent that from happening again. She did this by teasing him and getting him in a vulnerable position and then denying him. She left him high and dry and warned him that next time, she would crush his nuts and stomp on his cock.

This mistress is sexy and she knows that hers is the kind of sexy that is irresistible. She was a secretary and since she knew her boss inside out, she used that knowledge to her advantage and she got him to give her a promotion and a raise. She had a lot of fun messing with him because she was naughty and he had never seen anyone as naughty as she was.

Mistress Amber is a cruel girl. She likes to make guys miserable and today she did it without talking to or touching this loser. Using her experience, she could tell that this guy was into her and that he was horny. She could also tell that he had not been with a woman for a long time. So she teased him with her sexy ass and showed off her thong. He was so horny that he felt like he would die but she left him high and dry.

Lisa Jordan is blessed with an amazing body and she knows it. It has gotten to her head as she knows many guys can do anything to get a chance to kick it with her and to nail her. The mistress therefore enjoys teasing and denying them as well as doing other crazy things like making them jerk off to her instructions besides making them do her all sorts of favors.

Mistress Natalie has a gorgeous pair of breasts that you want to bury your heads in once you lay your eyes on them. She also has a nice ass and she loves to use these two to tease and deny guys. The mistress enjoys pushing guys to do what she wants and usually gets favors and money from guys keen on dating or screwing her. Today she was on her bed practicing more poses and flirting techniques.

This mistress was not in talking terms with her boyfriend. She wanted him to be jealous of her so she wore sexy boy shorts and she went to the mall knowing he was around and she let guys hit on her. He was jealous because she was a sexy girl and he did not want other guys giving her the attention that they were showering her. He had to patch things up with her.

Princess Raquel is not your average girl. She loves to do crazy things. She is a wild girl and it showed today when she teased her hot neighbor using her sexy tits. She did not want to fuck him but she wanted him to realize that not everyone found him attractive and that he could do with some getting humble. She teased him then left him high and dry. It taught him a lesson.

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