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Mistress Anfisa was pissed with her boyfriend. But she knew he had a crush on her ass. She has one fine ass so she used it to humiliate her boyfriend. She teased her boyfriend and she turned him on mightily. She then teased and denied him leaving him in dire need of a fuck. He tried to beg her but she told her she was not in the mood. He regretted pissing her off.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a seductive girl and she knows it. She is never afraid to tease and humiliate guys for her fun. Unlike other girls who use their bodies for financial gain, she uses hers for fun. She loves to tease and deny guys or like today, make them jerk off to her instructions and to her hot body. She loves seeing the effect she has on the guys.

Lady Suzanne was bored in the house and she chose to have fun at the expense of this loser. She did it using her sexy ass. She teased the guy and had fun at his expense. She teased and denied him because she wanted to have fun at his expense. She spread her legs and she turned him then she left him high and dry and went away. The guy was embarrassed and humiliated.

Goddess Saffron is a sexy girl and she knows it. She never ceases to use her sexiness to have fun and especially at the expense of other people. Today she teased this loser in her office. She made him so turned on that his dick hurt. She did all kinds of things to herself while he watched and after she was done, she walked up and left him with a hardon.

Madame Peal wanted to send a message to this guy. She wanted to humiliate him to show him that he was not all that he thought he was. He was a proud girl and she wanted to take his pride down a notch or two. So she teased him and he loved it since he felt like he was the shit. But when he was totally turned on, she denied him and chased him away with his hard-on.

Princess Raquel has a wonderful pair of tits. She knows it and she loves to use them to tease. She was pissed at her boyfriend but he did not know. She wanted to torture him so she pretended she wanted him to help her choose a bra. She wore several of them and teased him and got him super turned on. He wanted to fuck her but she only teased and denied him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan wanted to torture her boyfriend sexually. She had not done it in a while and today she had the chance and the time. So she tied him up and then used her sexy ass and her big tits to tease him. She did all the crazy things he liked and then some. She got him so turned on that he begged and nearly cried asking her to untie him and let him smash her.

Mistress Anfisa wanted a favor from this guy. She knew she could get it if she used her sexy ass to flirt with him. She was wearing a thong so she pulled it up and let it show above her jeans. She then talked in a sexy manner to him and teased him. The guy became putty in her hands and she managed to get what she wanted from him.

This mistress knew that her husband loved her ass to bits. She wanted an expensive gift so she used her ass to get it. She knew he had the money so she teased him and this time she drove him nuts as she teased and denied him. She made sure he wanted her so badly that he would do anything to have her. She then made him buy her the gift before she let him have her.

Mistress Dominique has an ass to die for and she knows it. She knew this guy loved asses so she capitalized on it to get what she wanted from him. She knew he had some information which she wanted so she teased him and pretended she did not want anything from him other than to have fun. He bought it but he did not even know how he told her what she wanted.

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