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Mistress Natalia has a sexy ass and a pair of great tits. She loves to show them off and have fun at the expense of other people. The way she has this fun is to tease guys and show off her thong among other things. She made this guy jerk off to what she was doing. She teased him and instead of leaving him high and dry, she let him jerk off.

This mistress is sexy. She has a beautiful face, big lovely boobs and a great ass. She also loves to tease and she does it anywhere she likes. She knew this guy was married but she wanted to tease him and see how committed he was to his wife. She wanted something from him so it was good for her to know how principled he was. She playfully and sensually touched her boots and told her what she likes to do to guys and what she likes done to her. The guy was so horny he wanted to fuck her but she made him wank instead.

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