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Lady Anja is full of surprises but she had been so busy that she had never done anything naughty for her husband in ages. And today she had some free time so she put on her bikini and she used it to tease her boyfriend. Everything was matching from her bra to her high heels. And she loved seeing him turned on, happy and very excited by what she did.

Mistress Jenny knew it was a slow and boring day for her man in the office so she plotted how to make his day interesting. She thought of how he loved her and her body and how he could never have enough of her so she made him a sexy video in which she showed off her hot ass and her nice tits. She even touched herself a little bit. He loved it and it made his week not just his day.

Mistress Lisa took a gamble in her pursuit to get a job. She had all the qualifications but so did the many other applicants. So she differentiated herself from them by talking about herself in a sexy manner. She had found out that her would be boss was a naughty guy and he loved raunchy fun. So as he asked her questions, she answered them correctly but she did it while she teased him and touched herself playfully. She walked out with a contract.

Goddess Nika had an issue with how her colleague liked to hoard information. He was not a team player and she did not like it. But he also loved her and always wanted to have sex with her. She took advantage of it to teach him a lesson by teasing and denying him. He had to be humiliated and told to stop being petty and to stop hoarding information if he was to have a shot at sex with her.

Mistress Rachelle wanted to tease and to mesmerize her husband in her hot lingerie and she managed to do it just the way she wanted. She achieved her aim of teasing him and making him beg her for it. He was about to cry as she was slow in putting him out of his misery. The mistress had a great teasing him and even when she let him have her, it was out of this world.

Lady Anja loves to turn heads with how she looks. She likes to do it with her clothing so that she can show off her hot body. She has curves in all the right places and she also has the naughtiness to go with it. Even her walk accentuates her look and her naughtiness and that makes her a whole package. Many guys dream of having her but few ever get to.

Lady Amy had tried to tell her boss that she could not date him or have anything with him but he did not want to listen to her. So she felt that the best thing to do to him was to tease and deny him so that he got it from her physically and practically that she did not want anything to do with him. And that is how she got him to stop being a bother.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friends agreed that each one of them was going to try and do whatever they wanted or they felt like would show them in their sexiest light. Then they would all get together and vote on who managed to pull off the sexiest girl video. Mistress Gaia gave it her all and she managed to win the competition without much struggle as she was both sexy and naughty.

Mistress Lisa did not have a problem showing off her hot body as she was naughty at heart and she was comfortable showing off her body. The mistress did not bother wearing a bra and neither did she wear an underwear. She just wore a dress and she pulled them aside to show off her goodies and did it on camera so that she could also enjoy what she did.

Mistress Harley wanted to show off her hot and sexy body and she did so through the tight dress she was wearing. So the mistress made some sexy moves and she enjoyed showing off what her mama gave her. With her big tits and her big ass not forgetting of her body tattoos, she had a great time flaunting her body. And the mistress even recorded what she did so that she could enjoy it later.

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