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Mistress Saida felt that she needed to try some naughty things such as making sexy girl videos. The mistress had to make sure that the guy she wanted to humiliate for fun was teased and denied. This was after she had turned him on and left him high and dry. He loved her big tits and her big ass but she did not let him touch them or lick them.

Lady Scarlet invited her friends to her house and they made sure that they had the time of their lives. They were in the tub having a great time and they used that time to tease and deny these losers. In addition, the mistresses humiliate the guys for their own fun by forcing them to lick their feet while they were in the tub. And it was memorable for the mistresses but not the guys.

This mistress loves to masturbate. She knows where to touch and how to touch it better than anyone ever can do it. Today she did not just do it, but she made sure that she recorded herself as she played with herself. She was interested to watch herself have fun with herself and so she made it happen today. And it was so hot that it turned her on when she watched it.

Goddess Nika has a big ass and a gorgeous pair of tits. She wanted a favor from her neighbor even though he was married and she knew that if she wanted it, she had to make him feel the need to help her. So she invited him to her house and as they talked, she flirted with him and then pretended to come to her senses and apologized. He told her not to as he loved what she did. Then she asked him for the favor and she got it.

Mistress Sophia is a hot girl and she knows how to use her good looks to get what she wants. That is how she got a job but that is also how she got herself a raise. And whenever she makes a mistake, she uses her flirty nature to get herself out of a mess. Today she wanted some time off work and she used her sexy legs to get it. She had a skirt with a massive slit on it.

Mistress Loula and her boyfriend like to experiment and today was not an exception. She suggested that they masturbate to each other instead of doing it to porn so they sat across each other while naked and they played with their genitals while looking at each other and it was so hot and they were super turned on to see each other doing their thing and they came at the same time.

Mistress Anastasia and her boyfriend lived in different cities because of work and she had to come up with a way of making sure that he had an awesome birthday. So she came up with a priceless gift which was a video of her masturbating and she sent it to him. He loved it and was so turned on he booked a flight that day and went to see her and fuck her before he went back.

Mistress Tamara wanted to torture her boyfriend in a good way. She wanted to also make him jerk off as he had refused to do it especially in her presence. So as they chatted today on video, she slowly stripped and she showed off her hot body which he loved and could not get enough of. She then took a dildo and inserted it into her pussy as she rubbed her clit and made some sexy facial expressions. She asked him to be in that moment with her by playing with his dick and he did.

This mistress was horny and she knew she could not wait to fuck. But she did not have anyone to fuck her as she had broken up with her boyfriend and she was at a loss over what to do. But she remembered how much she used to enjoy masturbating and so she took matters into her own hands and she played with her pussy until she came. She did not even need a sex toy.

This guy had done something nice for this mistress and she wanted to show him her gratitude. And she did it in style because she knew it would be mutually beneficial to both of them. That is why the mistress chose to make this guy watch her on video as she masturbated. She also talked dirty to him and had him watch as she played with her clit and with her titties as well.

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