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Princess Raquel is a sexy girl by all accounts. She did not understand how she was broke with all the sexiness she had. She had never taken advantage of her good looks to make money but she was determined to do that and she did it today. She teased this guy who had a crush on her and she got him to bankroll her. It was so effortless that she wondered why she had not done it sooner.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a great ass. She is also blessed with big and natural tits. She loves to use these two to have fun and today was no different. She wanted to test her new moves on this guy so she invited him to her house and she teased him. But she did not go all the way with him. When she realized they were working, she chased him away.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh realized that this guy looked down on her because she did not wear revealing clothes. Today she did so and it was with a purpose. She did it in order to torture and humiliate him. She used her sexy self to do it and by the time she was done with him, he was begging her to put him out of his misery. She declined and chased him away.

Madame Peal wanted to send a message to this guy. She wanted to humiliate him to show him that he was not all that he thought he was. He was a proud girl and she wanted to take his pride down a notch or two. So she teased him and he loved it since he felt like he was the shit. But when he was totally turned on, she denied him and chased him away with his hard-on.

This sexy girl likes to do naughty and crazy things. She loves the attention she gets when she does such things. Today was no exception as she dressed skimpily and she teased this guy for fun. She had fun seeing how turned on he was but she did not help him get the sexual satisfaction he so desperately wanted. Instead, she teased him some more and then denied him. He felt like crying.

Mistress Erina is a gorgeous girl. She loves to use her hotness to humiliate guys and that is what she did today. She teased this guy and had him lick her ass and smell it. She made him do it through her jeans before she got him to lick and smell her farts. She had fun making him do other naughty things for her enjoyment and she was surprised at how willingly he did them.

Princess Raquel has a wonderful pair of tits. She knows it and she loves to use them to tease. She was pissed at her boyfriend but he did not know. She wanted to torture him so she pretended she wanted him to help her choose a bra. She wore several of them and teased him and got him super turned on. He wanted to fuck her but she only teased and denied him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan wanted to torture her boyfriend sexually. She had not done it in a while and today she had the chance and the time. So she tied him up and then used her sexy ass and her big tits to tease him. She did all the crazy things he liked and then some. She got him so turned on that he begged and nearly cried asking her to untie him and let him smash her.

Mistress Anfisa wanted a favor from this guy. She knew she could get it if she used her sexy ass to flirt with him. She was wearing a thong so she pulled it up and let it show above her jeans. She then talked in a sexy manner to him and teased him. The guy became putty in her hands and she managed to get what she wanted from him.

Princess Raquel knows how to tease and humiliate. She is great at what she does and today she wanted to see what kind of a dick this guy had. She chose to show off her big tits and she turned him on as she flirted with him. He loved it and was under her spell. She got him to show her his dick and then jerk off to her instructions.

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