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This mistress was not in talking terms with her boyfriend. She wanted him to be jealous of her so she wore sexy boy shorts and she went to the mall knowing he was around and she let guys hit on her. He was jealous because she was a sexy girl and he did not want other guys giving her the attention that they were showering her. He had to patch things up with her.

Princess Raquel is not your average girl. She loves to do crazy things. She is a wild girl and it showed today when she teased her hot neighbor using her sexy tits. She did not want to fuck him but she wanted him to realize that not everyone found him attractive and that he could do with some getting humble. She teased him then left him high and dry. It taught him a lesson.

Mistress Anfisa was pissed with her boyfriend. But she knew he had a crush on her ass. She has one fine ass so she used it to humiliate her boyfriend. She teased her boyfriend and she turned him on mightily. She then teased and denied him leaving him in dire need of a fuck. He tried to beg her but she told her she was not in the mood. He regretted pissing her off.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a seductive girl and she knows it. She is never afraid to tease and humiliate guys for her fun. Unlike other girls who use their bodies for financial gain, she uses hers for fun. She loves to tease and deny guys or like today, make them jerk off to her instructions and to her hot body. She loves seeing the effect she has on the guys.

Lady Suzanne was bored in the house and she chose to have fun at the expense of this loser. She did it using her sexy ass. She teased the guy and had fun at his expense. She teased and denied him because she wanted to have fun at his expense. She spread her legs and she turned him then she left him high and dry and went away. The guy was embarrassed and humiliated.

Goddess Saffron is a sexy girl and she knows it. She never ceases to use her sexiness to have fun and especially at the expense of other people. Today she teased this loser in her office. She made him so turned on that his dick hurt. She did all kinds of things to herself while he watched and after she was done, she walked up and left him with a hardon.

Princess Raquel is a sexy girl by all accounts. She did not understand how she was broke with all the sexiness she had. She had never taken advantage of her good looks to make money but she was determined to do that and she did it today. She teased this guy who had a crush on her and she got him to bankroll her. It was so effortless that she wondered why she had not done it sooner.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a great ass. She is also blessed with big and natural tits. She loves to use these two to have fun and today was no different. She wanted to test her new moves on this guy so she invited him to her house and she teased him. But she did not go all the way with him. When she realized they were working, she chased him away.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh realized that this guy looked down on her because she did not wear revealing clothes. Today she did so and it was with a purpose. She did it in order to torture and humiliate him. She used her sexy self to do it and by the time she was done with him, he was begging her to put him out of his misery. She declined and chased him away.

Madame Peal wanted to send a message to this guy. She wanted to humiliate him to show him that he was not all that he thought he was. He was a proud girl and she wanted to take his pride down a notch or two. So she teased him and he loved it since he felt like he was the shit. But when he was totally turned on, she denied him and chased him away with his hard-on.

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