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Lady Anja was not pleased with how this guy had been bragging. He was full of himself and it was not easy being around him. So she had to take him down a notch. He had to see that he was not God's gift to mankind like he thought. So she teased him and he was turned on and he felt good about himself. But then she denied him and chased him from her house. She even told him he was not manly enough for her.

Mistress Jane was on her period and she could not fuck her boyfriend. He wanted to fuck so badly so she knew what to do for him. She chose to show off her hot ass to him as she was sure he had a thing for it. She then added naughtiness including talking dirty, gyrating her ass and giving him jerk off instructions. He had a great time and an explosive climax.

Goddess Nika wanted some secrets from an employee of the company she was interested in getting info from. The mistress used her hot body and her naughtiness to get what she wanted. And she managed to laugh all the way to the bank. The mistress let him check out her pussy and led him to believe he would get to fuck her but it did not happen as she left him high and dry after she got the info.

This naked mistress wanted to show off her hot body. So she went online and she chatted with some guys and she got them to check out how she did her thing. She liked to tease and flirt with random guys for fun because she did not want the attachment that came with doing it with the same guy over and over again. She made the guys hot and bothered but then left them high and dry.

This sexy girl wanted to make some guys be hot and bothered. So she wore a short dress and she showed off her hot ass. The mistress had a great time seeing guys struggle to catch her attention. Seeing that happen made her feel good about herself and she wanted to take it a step further so she thought about how she could do even more than she had done.

Mistress Gaia loves swimming but not for its own sake. She loves swimming because she gets to do naughty things such as to tease and deny guys with her nice body. That is her biggest motivation for swimming. And today she was at it. There were some hot guys she wanted to mess with and she showed off her hot body and made sure they could see her but she pretended she was not aware they were checking her out.

Mistress Sophia knows how to get what she wants. Today she wanted this guy to give her some information so she teased him and got him under her total control. He was like putty in her hands and she messed with him. She also got him to give her the information that she wanted. He was powerless against her and when she was done with him, she pretended that she had had a lot of fun with him.

Lady Stefanie is a hot girl and she knew how to use her hot looks to make her boyfriend hot and bothered. She wanted to try tease and deny on her boyfriend so she turned him on by flirting with him. He expected it to be like usual and that he would fuck her brains out. But she denied him and said she was just messing around and was not in the mood for sex. He was shocked and struggled with his hard on as she laughed at him.

Lady Anja is a sexy girl. This guy had a crush on her and she could tell. She could also tell that he had not had sex in a while. So she felt pity for him and she chose to help him get a release. But she did it on video. She chatted with him and she teased him by showing off her hot body. He was super turned on and he jerked off and had a great cum.

Princess Amber wanted access to some files that she did not have access to. She knew that this guy loved her ass and was always complementing it. So she used her sexy ass to tease him and get him off his game. That way, she was able to get him to give her the access she wanted without him being completely aware of what he was doing at that moment.

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