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Lady Anja is a sexy girl. This guy had a crush on her and she could tell. She could also tell that he had not had sex in a while. So she felt pity for him and she chose to help him get a release. But she did it on video. She chatted with him and she teased him by showing off her hot body. He was super turned on and he jerked off and had a great cum.

Princess Amber wanted access to some files that she did not have access to. She knew that this guy loved her ass and was always complementing it. So she used her sexy ass to tease him and get him off his game. That way, she was able to get him to give her the access she wanted without him being completely aware of what he was doing at that moment.

Goddess Nika has a flexible body and she wanted to do some naughty things so she turned on her camera and she recorded herself gyrating and doing other naughty things. She did not do them for any particular reason other than she felt like it and she had the time and the ability to do them. She also wanted to push her body and see how far she could take it.

Mistress Dana wanted her boyfriend to have something to jerk off to as he was far away from far and she did not want him cheating on her or even watching porn. So the mistress would tease him with her gorgeous ass and even put on a strip show for him. The mistress made it extra spicy for him and even gave him jerk off instructions and she satisfied him.

Mistress Chloe was horny but she wanted to still punish this loser. So she did what she considered to be the ultimate punishment without inflicting any pain to anyone. The mistress got the loser to watch as she teased him and undressed. She then went ahead to play with herself and she satisfied herself with her fingers and she ignored him and left him high and dry. When he tried to ask for sex, she told him to do what she had done.

Mistress Lisa combined her hot body, her naughtiness as well as her love and prowess for hypnosis to control her boss and make him do the things she wanted. The mistress got him to give her a promotion and he did not know that she had engineered it. She also made him think they had had sex when in fact, nothing had happened between them. It was all for her benefit.

This mistress wanted to act like she did not know what she was doing when in fact she had planned it to the last detail. The called a guy on video and she pretended that it was by accident and as he received and saw her, she was pretending to dress up so that she showed off her hot body and then went on to do crazy things like play with balloons before she pretended to notice that he was on video chat with her.

Goddess Allie has a fetish for showing off her ass. She wanted to flaunt it to this guy who had refused to do her a favor. She let some time pass until he had forgotten about what had happened between the two of them. She then went ahead and she had a great time turning him on like he had never been turned on before before she denied him and left him high and dry.

Goddess Nika is a hot mistress and she loves to dress in a slutty manner. Today she was wearing designer jeans and she used them to tease this guy. She opened the zipper and she inserted her finger and played with her pussy as well as with her clit. She made moaning sounds and drove the guy wild but she did not let him hit it as he had thought he would.

Mistress Holly loves to do wild and crazy things. That is what she did to this loser. The guy had never had a girl like her and he had a massive hard on while watching what she did to him. He nearly came on himself and yet she had not even touched him. She loved the effect she was having on him and she knew they would have a great time together.

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